electromagnetic field (EMF) modelling and calculation

Available for iPhone and iPad.

The 'micro' EMF calculator allows you to construct a two dimensional model of a set of power lines and calculate the magnetic field produced by these lines at various lateral distances away.

You can calculate the electromagnetic field generated by up to 2 symmetrically or asymmetrically loaded 3-phase electrical power lines and cables (circuits). This can be expanded up to 30 3-phase circuits in a single model via an in-app purchase.

After an in-app purchase you can also calculate the induced current in nearby passive wires earthed at both ends (earth wires).

-- Define --
* Describe the geometry of the three phase circuits and earth wires, above or below ground.
* For each circuit, describe the electrical loading using active and reactive powers (or phase currents) and line voltage.
* Include a neutral wire or earth return in a circuit, with residual current automatically calculated.
* See a vector diagram showing magnitude and direction of each phase current.
* For each earth wire, describe the Geometric Mean Radius and DC resistance.

-- Calculate --
* Calculate the resultant field (in mG or µT, configurable via iOS settings) using a power supply frequency of 50 Hz.
* See a zoomable visual representation of the wire geometry.
* See a graph of the EMF (RMS) levels across your specified measurement band.

-- Manage and share --
* Email a model and its results (including as an attachment in csv format).
* Sync your models across all your iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) using iCloud.